Hello! I'm Oksana, a wedding and portrait photographer specialising in timeless, elegant and romantic images. Born in Russia, I fall in love with photography while living in South Africa, a country with incredible scenery and light. Arriving to Switzerland more than eight years ago, I started my photography business. Happily married mother of two lovely (most of the time :) children, I have a passion for books, sea and adventures, traveling the world, discovering new places and photographing people in love. There is no greater job for me than being able to tell stories through pictures. I am an observer and visual storyteller. I don't do lots of posing and directing, I capture moments as they naturally unfold revealing beauty in and around us. Based in Zurich, I am available for weddings and portrait sessions across Switzerland and offer photography services for destinations weddings and creative projects abroad.


Ich mag Fotografien, weil sie Erinnerungen bewahren, welche rasch vergessen gehen. Und ich mag Hochzeiten, weil es der besondere Moment ist, der unseren Kindheitstraum, für einen Tag Prinz und Prinzessin zu sein, Realität werden lässt. Mein Ziel beim Fotografieren einer Hochzeit ist es, die kostbaren Augenblicke, Emotionen und wunderschönen Details zu verewigen, welche zu diesem besonderen Tag gehören.



                                                       Image by Jose Villa             Follow me on Instagram @seashells_shesells

                                                       Image by Jose Villa


          Follow me on Instagram @seashells_shesells