Trendy and Minimalist weddings

Despite some kind of traditions, not every couple strives for inviting dozens of guests or only intimate friends to an over-the-top wedding show. In case you are a bride who dreams of a careless wedding planning which doesn`t take a lot of time (though the celebration will be elegant, up-to-date and chic), it makes sense reflecting on the minimalist trend.

The minimalist way of life is all about living a clutter-free life, possessing only those things which are significant and useful to you. That is the major reason why the minimalist weddings we may know and actually desire are described as modest, with clean decor and an impeccable atmosphere which concentrates on plainness. For you to be prepared, we’ve assembled 5 ideas for a minimalist wedding which will cover the majority of the details of the whole wedding theme styling.

1. Wedding Invitations

Every couple is aware of that wedding cards are of utmost importance for the earliest positive emotions you`ll get from the guests. There is no necessity for a pretentious presentation. First and foremost, introduce guests to the wedding theme by persisting in being classic. For instance, use only a handwritten stationery suite of one colour.

2. Natural Table Settings

Remember that the minimalist way of living suggests us making good use of space. Thereby make it possible for guests to sit at longer tables so that you will avoid a constrained atmosphere. Neatly decorate tables with white linen and geometrical crockery.

3. Industrial Minimalist Centrepieces

Designers recommend couples to try out different themes. For example, industrial minimalism lets out gentle country accents, while still caring for the modernity of your minimalist wedding.

4. Wedding Cake

Although several years ago a classic all-white wedding cake may seem too plain and even old-fashioned, nowadays it`s a great trend in the minimalistic wedding world. New techniques and cake-decoration stuff are exquisite. What is more, for styling purposes, concentrate on where and how the cake stands instead of trying your best to find lots of unnecessary decorations. One can just attach several dried leaves for a tone of colour.

5. Food and drink stations

You`d better focus on the presentation of the dishes you`d chosen rather than the decor. Uncomplicated adornments such as plants are the ideal organic embellishment.