Apart from being a wedding photographer, I have a passion for portraying the cherished moments of family life, which bring joy and give meaning to our day-to-day routine. I want to capture real emotions that can be forever sealed in your memory, whether they are inspired by celebrating milestones or by small everyday adventures. I believe that the best pictures happen spontaneously, when everybody is at ease and relaxed, but being placed in the prepared, slightly styled reality. Soft natural light, pastel hues and grain of film are the key to creation of timeless authentic images. I believe in effortless,"less is more" beauty - a newborn baby sleeping peacefully, tiny hands and feet, furry ears, first smiles. Being a mom myself, I will gently guide you into most flattering poses to create breathtaking maternity photographs. It is a huge privilege to be able to document life at this precious moment - to capture the beauty of expectant mother with all sensuality, intimacy and vulnerability involved. Taking pictures of tiny newborns, I can't help feeling emotional as I am being a witness to the biggest wonder, I will highlight their outmost cuteness and tenderness, focusing on the touching authentic details and engaging no forced poses and tricks. With older children we will run and jump, go out and play to get joyful and relaxed images, which will make you smile every time you look at them. I love to start taking pictures at the family's home, where children feel most comfortable and where they are surrounded by things that will make precious memories of their childhood when they grow up. Afterwards, I will gladly join you for a walk, there are so many beautiful locations around us.