Best 10 Pieces Of Advice For Bride And Groom

If you are going to become husband and wife these pieces of advice are for you.

1. If you want to have a happy and long-term marriage, you have to be accountable for your part in the relationship — good or bad one.

2. Be flexible. Learn how to agree when you know you have been wrong. Learn how to disagree and prove you are right without a squabble.

3. Advice for men: women need to be listened to. Listening itself is a very important gift. But you can learn how to listen to your woman too. Advice for women: men need time for themselves. Give your man a space to be on his own and don't take it personally; allow him to reconnect with his desire for you and this will increase his commitment to your relationship.

4. One of the most common problems in relationships is trying to change your lover. Nobody will be happy to hear that he or she isn't the one you expected. Find reasons for such judgment in yourself first.

5. General problems such as boredom in the bedroom or resentment can be solved by talking and finding a solution that will satisfy you both. Just don't stop talking with each other and sharing your thoughts about everything that concerns you.

6. Never forget what being fair means. Have you been fair with your groom or bride till marriage? Are you going to be fair with your lover after the marriage day? If not, how can you start your family life? If yes, try always to be fair with your spouse.

7. Nothing is more important in a marriage than the love between a wife and husband. You will have children, careers, hobbies, trouble sets etc. But you have to remember that relationship is your top priority. Only in this case your marriage flourishes.

8. Never start talking with the word 'you', it's better to start with 'I' or 'we'. Share your emotions and feelings, always be open. It's not so easy as it sounds, but it gets easier to do with time. The proper beginning is vitally important.

9. Never stop dating. Regular going-outs with your spouse can rekindle the magic of your relationship. Dating will help you keep in mind why you first fell in love.

10. Don't forget to make compliments to your spouse! A compliment gives a feeling that you are acknowledged and appreciated. Making compliment isn't a hard thing, right? Especially for the person you love... So, make an effort to affirm your lover's value in your life, give him or her a little of your attention and love every day.