10 Tips to Looking More Photogenic in Photos

Do you have a friend who always looks good in photos? We will tell you the secrets so you will be able to compete with her or him in photogenicity.

We are sure these tips will change your accepting of yourself in the photos. You will never have the unflattering photos again. It is no doubt that following our advice you will be posing for a photo in another way you do it now.  But of course, knowledge and skills come with practice, so it's better for you to try some of them that are more complicated when you are alone and no one can disturb you. That's all, let's begin.

1. Show the left side of your face. Although it is believed that people are aware of their “good side,” according to photographer Garance Doré, our left side of the face is better than the right one.

2. The person who stands the closest to the camera looks extremely larger than others, so don't do this. Stand on an even plane with the other people in the photo.

3. When you seat, photos of you should be taken from above. Tilt your face up to meet the camera. This tip will help to define your jaw.

4. Turn your head slightly. This will make your action more flattering than facing the camera straight-on. And your cheekbones will be featured well!

5. Full-length photos of you should be taken from a lower angle. Remember to say about this to your friends or your photographer if they don't know. A lower angle visually stretches your figure and allows you to look taller and slimmer.

6. If you post the photo, crop it in order to get the better result. Your body should fill the entire frame. This tip will produce the illusion of vertical length.

7. Always look toward a light when you are being photographed. The light will shrink your pupils and that will reduce the horrible red-eye in your photo.

8. We have chosen 4 steps how to smile naturally in the photo. 1)  Close your eyes and relax. 2) Breathe calmly. 3) Open your eyes just before the photo should be taken (before the shutter clicks). 4) Smile.

9. The films and newspapers have always told us to tell "cheese" when we are being photographed. But now, many photographers advise their models to say "money"! Yes, "money", everything is right. It is because the hard "e" sound at the end of word "money" makes the corners of mouth go up. This action makes eyes crinkle, which will create the illusion of a natural smile.

10. It is always better to put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile. This tip can help to avoid a wide grin. Remember that not only your smile should be natural; your eyes, as well, have to show that you are happy.