How to Make Dynamic Photography Compositions - photo school theory - wedding, lifestyle, family photographer in Zurich and Switzerland

What is a dynamic photo? It is a photo that captures our attention by movement, activity or process and expresses energy. Today we will discuss how to create powerful dynamic images.

1. Use low angle and lines

If you are in the street and want to create more edgy images you should use leading lines around your target and shoot from a low angle. In addition you may use a flash to give more contrast and separate the target from the background.

2. Diagonals of the city

Practice your compositions with everything you see. Diagonal lines are everywhere in the cities now. They fill photos with movement.

3. Hands

Hand-gestures help us to communicate with each other. They are very dynamic. Integrate hands and hand-gestures in your photos. For example, when you are taking a photo of your friend, ask him to use hands to create the image of movement. He or she may put their hand against the window or near their face.

When you are shooting in the streets, ask questions about the time, outfit etc. This is a useful tip to get natural hand-gestures.

And of course, you can be just very attentive, watch people in the streets and shoot at the right moment.

4. Off-center subject

Put your target on the right or the far left of the frame. It will make the composition more dynamic and interesting to look at. And use a wide-angle lens.

5. Head-on subject

Again, use wide-angle lens and shoot head-on. Of course, you will almost walk into people but that will give you photos full of energy and movement.

6. Anti-symmetry

Symmetrical photos are good but not for dynamic photography. Look for anti-symmetry to add more life and excitement to your photos.

7. Unexpected

Use a wide-angle lens to take photos of unexpected situations which will be unordinary and unique. Integrate unusual objects and elements around you and your subject in your photo. Good luck!