Couple portraits for those who have fallen in love

Couples photography can be tricky because no one really wants to look at corny shots of googly-eyed lovers swooning over each other. That's not because people are fundamentally grouchy, it's because couples photos really ought to be described with adjectives like "sweet," "cute" or "lovely," not "cheesy," "embarrassing" or "gag-worthy." So how do the photographers in Switzerland avoid stepping over that line?

The first thing the photographers in Switzerland do is think creatively. That clichéd image of two people staring into each other's eyes, no matter how tastefully the photographer sets it up, is still just another photo of two people staring into each other's eyes. So the photographers in Switzerland avoid that shot, unless it happens very naturally. Instead, they try the creative ideas, and then expand upon them until theu've developed their own style for taking natural-looking (uncheesy) couples photos.

Many photographers try to rigidly control their photo shoots instead of letting their subjects take the lead. The photographers in Switzerland remember that couples photos in particular are not about two people as individuals - they are about two individuals who have chosen to be a couple. The way their subjects interact with each other is what will make a strong photograph in Switzerland, and it's hard to achieve this when they're constantly barking orders at their subjects. Instead, the photographers in Switzerland give them suggestions and see what happens. If the photographers have some time, they go to a scenic location (preferably a place where the couple has a history) and just ask them to behave naturally

It's difficult to relax and act natural when someone is sticking a camera in somebody’s face. A zoom lens will give you a chance to step back and give your subjects a little bit of space. The longer lens, using by the photographers in Switzerland, will help make the couple feel more like a twosome and less like a twosome with a third wheel.

Props have the dual benefit of adding that extra little bit of interest to the images of the photographers in Switzerland while giving their subjects something to focus on (besides photographer and photographer’s camera). Subjects who are occupied with a prop will be more relaxed and natural in front of the camera. Props can be fun, too, which means the photographer in Switzerland may also be able to get some humorous and/or candid shots. Hearts are obvious props to use in couples photography; so are flowers. These classic symbols of romance have been around for centuries, but the fact is that they are so entrenched in our collective psyche that they're really more mainstream than cliché. Used tastefully, there are plenty of creative applications for hearts and flowers. The photographers in Switzerland try drawing some hearts in the sand on the beach, or take a long shot of their couple with flowers in the foreground. Other props might include a ring, a shared umbrella on a rainy day or even words and letters: "love," "forever," the couple's names or an ampersand placed between the two of them can give your image a sweetness that it wouldn't otherwise have.