Street/Portrait Photographer in Zurich

Street Photography – What It Is?

Street photography is a genre of photography showing photos taken in a public place. It throws light on people's life and experience within the bounders of the city. Street photography is a dynamic photo in the urban environment: on the street, in a park, on the beach, etc. Street photography is also connected with architectural photography.

The main idea of street photography still remains the same - to outline the soul of a city. The photographer tries to show the connection between the people and the city they live in. Besides, street photos are often night photos because only a night city can be really open, mystic and cosy to its visitors and inhabitants.

What can be better than the charming photos of you in the background of the city which is famous for its magnificent architecture? Street photos of you in Zurich will bring something special to your everyday life.

Portrait – A Mirror

Portrait is trying to show personalities of people. If to combine street photography and portrait we will get a sub-genre called street portrait which is focused on the presentation of people in urban surroundings.

Imagine yourself in the ancient centre of Zurich where old tradition has been kept through centuries. It's the best place of taking photos of you and your family or friends. Street photography can document your life while you are doing your everyday routine. You don’t have to be prepared for a photo; it will be taken in the time when you are not ready. It's important for the best 'shoots' as street photographers say.

Street/Portrait photographer in Zurich can help you to make fabulous photos in which you will look totally natural and beautiful. Don’t hesitate to make yourself happy! Enjoy photos in the background of Zurich!