Top 5 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

Switzerland isn't a big country but it has much to offer. It is safer than other places in Europe as its crime rate is practically zero. It has one of the best transport systems in the world. Alpine resorts and magnificent mountains scenery attract visitors from every corner of the planet. In the article, we collected top reasons to visit this unique country. Let's consider them closer.

1. Switzerland is incredibly clean!

You may not be afraid of using public restrooms in Switzerland. They are incredibly clean in the train stations as well as in your hotel room. And we are talking not just about the public restrooms, but about the country's public transit, streets, and fountains in general. Imagine, you might drink from most of the fountains in the street!

2. Switzerland's public transportation system

Switzerland's public transportation system will make your traveling comfortable and easy. There is no need to rent a car. The Swiss trains will show you all the beautiful places with just one ticket that suits for different kinds of transportation.

3. The mother of the Swiss Alps

If you like skiing or hiking Swiss Alps is an ideal area for your holidays. But if you don't like sports, just looking at Swiss mountains may change your life forever. The Matterhorn is considered to be a heart of the Swiss Alps. It is the most photographed mountain in the world.

4. Fairy-tale castles

There are breath-taking castles throughout the territory of Switzerland. If you want to transport yourself to the ancient times of warriors and princesses, Switzerland is waiting for you!

5. Wonderful waterfalls

Great waterfalls of Switzerland will impress you by their size and sound. The Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen, for example, is the biggest plain waterfall in Europe. The waters of the Staubbach Falls are turning into a spray of mist in summer. And many other incredible places are waiting for you!

Don't forget to take a photographer on your journey! Photos will bring your memories back to you even through the pass of time.