Children’s Photographer in Zurich

The most of professional photographers in Zurich believe that the ideal age for making baby sessions is 6-8 months. At this special age children are looking so happy and attractively smiling! Is the great juncture for adorable professional photographs in Zurich, when your child is sitting up. They no longer need to be propped up for the camera and are quite curious and alert.

What’s about newborns, it’s very important to identify their happy times in a usual daily routine. In fact, photographers in Zurich recommend making lovely pictures during the bath time or feeding. In this time kids are looking settled and content. Also there are is a great number of the “first” times: for example, first time with Dad or Mom, first feeding, first manicure of first meeting with grandparents. It’s not only the documentary style photo session, but is the portrait style too. Many photographers in Zurich prefer to use black&white format for the newborns children. The main reason to do this is making the babies looking so soft on the pictures!

Newborn phase passes so quickly, and is often preoccupied with many adjustments and distractions that make it nearly impossible to capture this time well on your own. The ideal time to have your newborn photographed is within this first two weeks of life, when they are at their sleepiest and most cooperative and can be curled into beautiful poses. Your child will never be so small and pliable again. It’s wonderful to have this time captured forever.

One year age is the perfect time to capture new walkers. It can be a challenge, as toddlers are often looking down at their feet and scooting away from the camera. However, this phase of new discovery offers a great opportunity for serendipitous shots of your child in action.

In opinion of the photographers in Zurich, at the age of 3-4 years old, the child is now full of personality and sometimes there’s a new baby in the family, too. It’s a great time to get both children photographed together.

Going to the professional children’s photographer in Zurich, don’t forget to take with you the favorite toy, as it’ll be very useful in making sincere happy smile. Also it’s necessary to have a little snack and drink. By the way, the different hats, glasses and ties can help to add the character to a children’s portrait.

The opportunities for creativity in pictures of the photographers in Zurich are always endless!