The 4 Most Common Questions About Photography

Today we will discuss and answer the most common questions about photography in Zurich to help new shooters start your journey in the world of photography.

1. What is “manual mode”?

The name speaks for itself. Using this mode, the photographer is able to control the process of taking a photo. Everything should be set manually: ISO, aperture, white balance, shutter speed etc.  Manual mode can be very productive and effective if you use it properly. Photos made in manual mode can be more clear and pleasant to the eye. Just take more photos, try different combinations of settings and analyze your results.

2. Is it so necessary to edit all of your photos?

All in all, yes you should. Of course, the first and the main step is to take a good photo but the second one is editing which will improve your image and make it the finished product. Some photographers prefer to make their photos more artistic and expressive with editing while others - just make them more clear and colorful. The choice how to improve your image depends on you.

3. What gear is the best to take great photos?

First of all, you should define what type of photography you like. But for beginners, it is recommended to start with 50mm lens as they give good opportunities to discover the world of photography. It's the best starter, obviously.  Then, you will be able to change your preferences to wide lenses. If you like zoom, you will find many lenses with it as well. We have listed some lens examples: 200mm, 132mm, 100mm (macro), 50mm, 35mm, 24mm.

4.  What are JPG and RAW? Do they differ?

JPG is considered to be the most common file format for digital photographs. Different sizes of JPG can be stored on your camera as well as your camera can be set to shoot various size of JPG. The negative side of JPG is that much detail is lost when the photo is taken this way. While taking JPG images, the camera does some automatic processing which ends that when you edit your image you don't have as much data to work with as it should be. This might make hard to recover improperly exposed parts of photos which leads to bad photography. But, it doesn't happen often, so don't worry.

Photos having taken with RAW file format save all of the detail available to the camera sensor, so RAW format allows to take uncompressed and unprocessed shots. That's why RAW files are absolutely unedited and should be post-processed.