On creative photography

Easy uncommon ways to make your photos creative

The majority of photographers become the victims of a boring routine because of difficult winter conditions or predicaments at work. On the other hand, there are those who get ready for the push to set new goals full of intention and determination to become better. So, they make every effort to reach a new level of excellence.

It`s necessary to always keep moving forward and trying unknown techniques. Even if one is working as a photographer in Bern, he cannot just take shoots at the same location endlessly. There should be new thoughts, places and ideas.

Search for extraordinary items to shoot through

In case one intends to diversify the photos, he should implement different objects in numerous forms. It`s considered that craving for challenging ideas and uncommon experiments is beneficial for the development of creativity. However, one cannot deny the fact that sometimes everyone fails in a pursuit for the variety of creation.

This technique suggests using objects from different spheres of life to take photos through them. The hidden capacity of your images will unfold in an unusual manner.

Take a look at these possibilities:

·     Glass cube,

·     Prism,

·     Colourful glass (you may pour water on it),

·     Bubble wrap,

·     Flicker lights.

The number of such objects and their use can only be restricted by your mind and creativity.


The first thing that is to be said, big chances are never small stakes. It`s high time to leave the comfort zone and use free-lensing.

It is a method when the lens is disconnected from the camera and the photographer uses the viewfinder and manual focus in order to take a photo.

One must concede that the dependence on the weight and size of your lens influences the sophistication of the manoeuvre. The best way of trying this technique will be the reliance of a lightweight or older lens. 

Free-lensing indeed assists photographers to relinquish the absolute perfection and start appreciating the beauty in simplicity. This method is truly appropriate for those who keen on fanciful images, telling marvellous stories.

Anyway, both professional and amateur photographers should think outside the box and take new challenges daily. 

The style of your own

The first thing that is to be said is that the leading photographers all over the world are always in search of uncommon photo decisions. There should always be something special which determines the style of photographer. This may concern the background, the clothing, colours and props. 

Details in colour

One should take into consideration the details because they matter in case one wants to get pleasure looking at the result he got. An amusing and successful photo contains not only of perfect lighting. A photographer should also decide on what tones and colour schemes he wants to see in his images. While creating the whole plan of a future photoshoot, one may consider its main direction, for instance, contemporary, vintage, bold, busy, maximal or simple.

Moreover, it is acknowledged to be a great idea, when a photographer tries to feel the spirit of the season. Either spring and summer or fall and winter, it affects the shoot`s styling a lot. Possessing information about these aspects will help you to get rid of the thoughts which don`t befit the situation. It`s also a possibility to effectively narrow them down to the several “golden” ones.

It is of utmost importance to remember: a professional photographer should always pay respect to the client`s wish. A photographer creates aesthetics around the passions and desires of the customer. 

Props as the main atmosphere`s attribute

Props is not a necessity and an integral part of the shoot, but it can be rather useful.

Although a lot of photographers just deny the existence of props, they may be essential items during the photo shoot rather than tools to be indispensable in the shoot directly.

Speaking about engagement shoots, the couple may point at two or three props which keep a deep meaning for them. For example, these are bicycles, picnic baskets, sketchbooks, guitars, presents and things like that. Furthermore, the photo shoot can be taken somewhere in the first date restaurant or even the city, so that the couple should take with or find the photographer in Zurich or any other part of the world. 

Furthermore, one can imagine this kind of situation. The photographer is taking photos of kids and strives for catching their attention. He could explain to parents this need and ask them to grab with a pocket of favourite dolls and cars not saying anything to the kids. Entertainment and pleasure are guaranteed.