Fewer Efforts, More Elegance: Minimalist Wedding of Your Dream

Fewer Efforts, More Elegance: Minimalist Wedding of Your Dream

Every couple going through wedding preparation knows that planning is likely to be tense as there are so many details and decor elements. However, why not make it simple? Nowadays, minimalism is well-known as a major wedding trend. The secret of its fame: there is beauty in simplicity. In spite of every bride may think that for one of the most significant days of her life she needs overloaded centrepieces and lots of layers of linens for the appropriate table settings, one can find out so much to be mentioned about the minimal touch.

Undoubtedly, during the ceremony, a minimalist style draws the attention of the guests just where it should be — on the bride and groom. In reception, it provides a possibility for the natural beauty and amazing light of the venue to shine as never. Regrettably, the minimalistic style is frequently interpreted as removing all the details. Nevertheless, the major purpose makes it clear that they can seem intentional and ostentatious. Without the fuss, there is nothing to divert from the details that do stay, allowing them to stand out as central elements and making them more valuable. 

To make the wedding minimalistic but still diverse one should use:

Geometrical plate ware to enjoy the dishes not only because of the taste but due to the fact how the whole thing looks like;

A hexagon-shaped two-tiered cake with stylish contemporary marble print on it;

One type of flower. It`s eye-catching and fashionable.

It`s also worth mentioning that a minimalist wedding is usually being represented in several common styles. It`s advised by designers not to combine them without the recommendations of specialists. Firstly, there is organic minimalism, focusing attention on a lot of white with accents of juicy greenness, and there is also industrial minimalism, where urban design meets rural. Furthermore, designers pop out modern minimalism which is keen on playing up shapes and geometry. Romantic minimalism, with airy linen or refined calligraphy, befits genuine romantics. One should admit, the minimalist style tends toward a neutral palette for a mild and aerial look.