On location

Location influences the photoshoot success

Both beginner and professional photographers should know that the location where they take their photos defines the photoshoot success crucially.

One cannot deny the fact, sometimes we enjoy the days when everything works out perfectly and an improvised photoshoot takes place aptly. However, this kind of situation is usually the exception. The photographer`s experience shows a lot of detailed planning turns into a prosperous photoshoot. Whether you are casual, portrait or wedding photographer in Switzerlandor wherever in the world, there will always be conventional components which are necessary to the photoshoot`s success. Today we`re discussing the importance of location you choose.

Firstly, your search for the location. Secondly, you pick up equipment

It is pretty indispensable to decide on the location because this information determines the facilities you'll require. In case you`re taking photos in a studio, you should think over the lenses you would use for the amount of area accessible in that place. For instance, in a tiny studio, you will require 35mm or a 50mm lens for portraits. 

Speaking about questionable natural light indoors, you should take into consideration the time of day and the approachable ambient and natural light at those part of the day to provide you with sufficient lighting. Furthermore, it is usually a perfect notion to possess a reflector convenient for both kinds of shoots (indoors and outdoors), particularly for indoor photoshoots. There is a diversity of kinds of reflectors which are able to make real various effects.


It is of utmost importance to pay attention to your background while planning the photo shoot. In casing one is coming to a customer`s place, one should explain everything and request him to send photos of possible future locations. These may be walls, windows, ladders and something like that. If you are taking photos at home or in the studio of your own, there you have more time and opportunities and are able to arrange the space previously. Moreover, there are situations when you may need to remove unnecessary items so that the remain unnoticed in the shot.

Golden time of the day

Last but not least, the photographer should remember the breathtaking golden hour. It`s the only one which can give a marvellous cosy glow to the images. All the client will be happy and satisfied.