10 Tips to Looking More Photogenic in Photos

Do you have a friend who always looks good in photos? We will tell you the secrets so you will be able to compete with her or him in photogenicity.

We are sure these tips will change your accepting of yourself in the photos. You will never have the unflattering photos again. It is no doubt that following our advice you will be posing for a photo in another way you do it now.  But of course, knowledge and skills come with practice, so it's better for you to try some of them that are more complicated when you are alone and no one can disturb you. That's all, let's begin.

1. Show the left side of your face. Although it is believed that people are aware of their “good side,” according to photographer Garance Doré our left side of the face is better than the right one.

2. The person who stands the closest to the camera looks extremely larger than others, so don't do this. Stand on an even plane with the other people in the photo.

3. When you seat, photos of you should be taken from above. Tilt your face up to meet the camera. This tip will help to define your jaw.

4. Turn your head slightly. This will make your action more flattering than facing the camera straight-on. And your cheekbones will be featured well!

5. Full-length photos of you should be taken from a lower angle. Remember to say about this to your friends or your photographer if they don't know. A lower angle visually stretches your figure and allows you to look taller and slimmer.

6. If you post the photo, crop it in order to get the better result. Your body should fill the entire frame. This tip will produce the illusion of vertical length.

7. Always look toward a light when you are being photographed. The light will shrink your pupils and that will reduce the horrible red-eye in your photo.

8. We have chosen 4 steps how to smile naturally in the photo. 1)  Close your eyes and relax. 2) Breathe calmly. 3) Open your eyes just before the photo should be taken (before the shutter clicks). 4) Smile.

9. The films and newspapers have always told us to tell "cheese" when we are being photographed. But now, many photographers advise their models to say "money"! Yes, "money", everything is right. It is because the hard "e" sound at the end of word "money" makes the corners of mouth go up. This action makes eyes crinkle, which will create the illusion of a natural smile.

10. It is always better to put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile. This tip can help to avoid a wide grin. Remember that not only your smile should be natural; your eyes, as well, have to show that you are happy.

4 Tips For Choosing A Wedding Photographer

It's not a secret that after your wedding day ends, only your photos will remain. So it is crucially important to choose a professional photographer for your big day. We will give you some tips which will make your choice easier.

1. Decide on your style

If you want natural, unposed documentation of your wedding day, then you should choose a documentary photographer who won't interrupt the natural flow of the events and will shot everything going around.

If you want to have photos like in your parents' wedding album, you should choose a wedding photographer who is good at portraiture.

2. Make your search

Read reviews from recent newlyweds. If it is possible, watch photos of their weddings and analyze your impressions. Be careful while reviewing potential photographers' websites. You will find photos of other nuptials they have shot and that will give you a clue to understanding their style. The design of the website may be also taken into account for considering photographer's style. Go on their social pages and read clients' feedbacks as well. All of this will give you important information about the photographer you are looking for.

3. Arrange a meeting

Of course, you can't make a decision just looking on photos in the album on the site. Meeting in person is important to discuss details and to understand if you want to see that person on your wedding day as well. If photos on the photographer's website are exactly what you want and fees are available for you - ask if she or he is free on your big day and arrange a meeting to talk about everything considering your wedding day: style, venue, what you expect from photos etc. It would be better if you meet with 3-5 shooters and then you'll decide who you like most.

4. Make sure you choose what you need

Always ask to see complete albums of nuptials (with all photos). If all of them are as good as those in the portfolio, that is your photographer. But don't forget to take into account your time and place of the wedding. For instance, if your venue is a little bit dark and indoor, don't just look at nuptials which were shot outdoors in natural sunlight. And vice versa, if you're going to marry on a beach at sunset, you need to see examples of that. If you don't want to get medium-quality photos after your wedding, of course.

We honestly believe that these tips will help you to decide on choosing the right photographer for your wedding day.

Best 10 Pieces Of Advice For Bride And Groom

If you are going to become husband and wife these pieces of advice are for you.

1. If you want to have a happy and long-term marriage, you have to be accountable for your part in the relationship — good or bad one.

2. Be flexible. Learn how to agree when you know you have been wrong. Learn how to disagree and prove you are right without a squabble.

3. Advice for men: women need to be listened to. Listening itself is a very important gift. But you can learn how to listen to your woman too. Advice for women: men need time for themselves. Give your man a space to be on his own and don't take it personally; allow him to reconnect with his desire for you and this will increase his commitment to your relationship.

4. One of the most common problems in relationships is trying to change your lover. Nobody will be happy to hear that he or she isn't the one you expected. Find reasons for such judgment in yourself first.

5. General problems such as boredom in the bedroom or resentment can be solved by talking and finding a solution that will satisfy you both. Just don't stop talking with each other and sharing your thoughts about everything that concerns you.

6. Never forget what being fair means. Have you been fair with your groom or bride till marriage? Are you going to be fair with your lover after the marriage day? If not, how can you start your family life? If yes, try always to be fair with your spouse.

7. Nothing is more important in a marriage than the love between a wife and husband. You will have children, careers, hobbies, trouble sets etc. But you have to remember that relationship is your top priority. Only in this case your marriage flourishes.

8. Never start talking with the word 'you', it's better to start with 'I' or 'we'. Share your emotions and feelings, always be open. It's not so easy as it sounds, but it gets easier to do with time. The proper beginning is vitally important.

9. Never stop dating. Regular going-outs with your spouse can rekindle the magic of your relationship. Dating will help you keep in mind why you first fell in love.

10. Don't forget to make compliments to your spouse! A compliment gives a feeling that you are acknowledged and appreciated. Making compliment isn't a hard thing, right? Especially for the person you love... So, make an effort to affirm your lover's value in your life, give him or her a little of your attention and love every day.

The 4 Most Common Questions About Photography

Today we will discuss and answer the most common questions about photography in Zurich to help new shooters start your journey in the world of photography.

1. What is “manual mode”?

The name speaks for itself. Using this mode, the photographer is able to control the process of taking a photo. Everything should be set manually: ISO, aperture, white balance, shutter speed etc.  Manual mode can be very productive and effective if you use it properly. Photos made in manual mode can be more clear and pleasant to the eye. Just take more photos, try different combinations of settings and analyze your results.

2. Is it so necessary to edit all of your photos?

All in all, yes you should. Of course, the first and the main step is to take a good photo but the second one is editing which will improve your image and make it the finished product. Some photographers prefer to make their photos more artistic and expressive with editing while others - just make them more clear and colorful. The choice how to improve your image depends on you.

3. What gear is the best to take great photos?

First of all, you should define what type of photography you like. But for beginners, it is recommended to start with 50mm lens as they give good opportunities to discover the world of photography. It's the best starter, obviously.  Then, you will be able to change your preferences to wide lenses. If you like zoom, you will find many lenses with it as well. We have listed some lens examples: 200mm, 132mm, 100mm (macro), 50mm, 35mm, 24mm.

4.  What are JPG and RAW? Do they differ?

JPG is considered to be the most common file format for digital photographs. Different sizes of JPG can be stored on your camera as well as your camera can be set to shoot various size of JPG. The negative side of JPG is that much detail is lost when the photo is taken this way. While taking JPG images, the camera does some automatic processing which ends that when you edit your image you don't have as much data to work with as it should be. This might make hard to recover improperly exposed parts of photos which leads to bad photography. But, it doesn't happen often, so don't worry.

Photos having taken with RAW file format save all of the detail available to the camera sensor, so RAW format allows to take uncompressed and unprocessed shots. That's why RAW files are absolutely unedited and should be post-processed.

Group portrait photographer in Zurich you have been looking for

It’s not easy to pull off an impressive or very creative group photo, but that’s only because we are limited by our imagination and the number of crazy friends we have. When you have those two elements, plus the willingness to take countless upon countless number of frames of the same shot just to get that one photo right, you end up with some great masterpieces that are the envy of other photographers out there.

But the great professional photographers in Zurich will help you to make unbelievable photos.

Fantastic views of the Alps, Lake Zurich, the Limmat River. Rolling hills and centuries-old cathedrals. Winter, spring, summer or fall – Zurich is a charming and beautiful city in any season, from any angle.

The Lindenhof Square is located in the heart of the city with a panoramic view of Zurich’s Old Town, the Grossmünster Cathedral, Zurich City Hall and the Limmat River. If you love chess, this is also a great place for the game, with over-sized chess pieces and a constant stream of competitors to flex those brains, and make characteristically beautiful pictures with professional photographer in Zurich.

For just a few francs, you, friends and the photographer in Zurich can access the towers at the top of the Grossmünster, the 12th century cathedral in Old Town Zurich. Climb the 200 or so steps and be rewarded with excellent views of the city and the Grossmünster’s neighboring cathedrals, the beloved green-roofed Fraumünster and the St. Peterskirche, which boasts the largest clock-face in Europe.

Hike, bike or take the train to the top of Üetliberg – Zurich’s local mountain at almost 900 meters high. This is one of the best spots in Zurich to catch a glimpse of everything from the city below to the lake to the Alps in the horizon.

This is a great place no matter what time of day. Cut through the Brasserie Lipp restaurant and take the elevator to the 11th floor for a fantastic view of Old Town Zurich and the lake. Grab a window seat and have yourself a drink – you’re about 20,000 Leagues Above the Sea in this bar.

The Clouds Bar & Restaurant is located on the top floor of the Prime Tower, Switzerland’s tallest building at 36 floors. But you’ll get a great view because well, everything else is so short by comparison The bar is a nice place to have a drink and the food is quite good too – same kitchen as the restaurant but at half the price, with the same view. Who can complain?

If you’re looking for some R&R with a view, the thermal baths at the Hürlimann Areal is your solution. You can rejuvenate from the warm healing water of the rooftop pool while enjoying the great view of the city and making new pictures.

Couple portraits for those who have fallen in love

Couples photography can be tricky because no one really wants to look at corny shots of googly-eyed lovers swooning over each other. That's not because people are fundamentally grouchy, it's because couples photos really ought to be described with adjectives like "sweet," "cute" or "lovely," not "cheesy," "embarrassing" or "gag-worthy." So how do the photographers in Switzerland avoid stepping over that line?

The first thing the photographers in Switzerland do is think creatively. That clichéd image of two people staring into each other's eyes, no matter how tastefully the photographer sets it up, is still just another photo of two people staring into each other's eyes. So the photographers in Switzerland avoid that shot, unless it happens very naturally. Instead, they try the creative ideas, and then expand upon them until theu've developed their own style for taking natural-looking (uncheesy) couples photos.

Many photographers try to rigidly control their photo shoots instead of letting their subjects take the lead. The photographers in Switzerland remember that couples photos in particular are not about two people as individuals - they are about two individuals who have chosen to be a couple. The way their subjects interact with each other is what will make a strong photograph in Switzerland, and it's hard to achieve this when they're constantly barking orders at their subjects. Instead, the photographers in Switzerland give them suggestions and see what happens. If the photographers have some time, they go to a scenic location (preferably a place where the couple has a history) and just ask them to behave naturally

It's difficult to relax and act natural when someone is sticking a camera in somebody’s face. A zoom lens will give you a chance to step back and give your subjects a little bit of space. The longer lens, using by the photographers in Switzerland, will help make the couple feel more like a twosome and less like a twosome with a third wheel.

Props have the dual benefit of adding that extra little bit of interest to the images of the photographers in Switzerland while giving their subjects something to focus on (besides photographer and photographer’s camera). Subjects who are occupied with a prop will be more relaxed and natural in front of the camera. Props can be fun, too, which means the photographer in Switzerland may also be able to get some humorous and/or candid shots. Hearts are obvious props to use in couples photography; so are flowers. These classic symbols of romance have been around for centuries, but the fact is that they are so entrenched in our collective psyche that they're really more mainstream than cliché. Used tastefully, there are plenty of creative applications for hearts and flowers. The photographers in Switzerland try drawing some hearts in the sand on the beach, or take a long shot of their couple with flowers in the foreground. Other props might include a ring, a shared umbrella on a rainy day or even words and letters: "love," "forever," the couple's names or an ampersand placed between the two of them can give your image a sweetness that it wouldn't otherwise have.

Honeymoon photography in Switzerland

For honeymoon, Switzerland is a poem, actually a song! A song well performed by its enchanting valleys, ethereal mountains, and enthralling waterbodies. And it is certainly not an exaggeration if it is tagged as the most romantic destination on earth. Switzerland is a confluence of cultures and cuisine from Germany, France and Italy. It is, thus, the perfect world-in-a-scoop travel destination. Besides, Switzerland is blessed with the unspoilt beauty of the Alps. On the other hand, the vibrant city life in places like Zurich is always an icing on cake. What adds on to the list is the vast expanse of wildlife and bird sanctuaries in Switzerland that guarantee a complete package for any honeymoon holiday on earth.

Professional wedding photographers in Switzerland can charge a small fortune for what on the surface appears to be just a few hours work.

However, they spend many more hours working on a wedding than most amateurs can afford to. A lot of preparation goes into wedding photography in Switzerland, and many hours afterwards editing images so that each Switzerland’s photograph is perfect.

Some creative wedding photographers in Switzerland are taking photos of the wedding party separately and then creating playful graphic grid designs in photo albums later.

Stop-Motion Wedding Photo Film takes still photos and animates them, generally in a video set to your choice of music. Stop motion works especially well for a short trailer to put on the Facebook page of just married or to send around in an email to close friends.

Brides are scheduling bridal portrait sessions in their dresses before the wedding day or allotting time on the day of to take formal portraits of them.

Like backlit photos, film images are super-romantic and are making a mega-comeback in the cyclical world of wedding photography in Switzerland.

Some brides are having photographers capture their dad's first glimpse of them in white as well. This trend has deep Southern roots and is definitely a sweet moment during the day. Wedding days can be so busy, and the wedding photographers in Switzerland love that some girls choose to take a few minutes to spend time with their dads.

If the just married want to show sentimental or funny family photos at their reception, they'll find the wedding photographers in Switzerland are in good company with some other on-trend couples and photographers. The weddings are about bringing together different generations. That's why the wedding photographers in Switzerland love having photos of grandparents, parents and others to tie it all together.

10 tips how to shoot action and sports photography

  1. Sport photographers in Zurich present you with many opportunities to capture dramatic and vivid imagery that will last a lifetime. Practice makes perfect, ensuring them have a steady hand and are ready when the big play happens.
  2. Sport photographers in Zurich need to have a strong and instinctive understanding of a sport to really shoot it well. Soccer, hockey, tennis, golf, fighting, racing: it's all the same. They’re doing some research and knowing the sport will provide a big lift for their images.
  3. When shooting, the sport photographers in Zurich are original and try something different. By trying something different, they allow their great creativity to flourish and capture something that everyone else doesn't have.
  4. The photographers in Zurich advice never forget the surroundings. Whether it is a stadium full of cheering fans, to the tailgating outside, the surroundings present unique opportunities to capture the spirit of the game without shooting the action itself.
  5. A great shooter knows what is on the line for any given game, he knows the major players, he knows the sport, and he knows tendencies. The sport photographers in Zurich pay attention to what is going on in the stadium; maybe there's a fan who is dressed a certain way or has a funny sign that can be incorporated into a shot. The sport photographers in Zurich should have a running list in their heads of shots they want to get should the situation present itself, so that if and when it does, they're ready.
  6. Faces are one of the most important things in a sports image. Faces personalize and humanize the image; they connect the viewer to the moment and draw them in.
  7. When shooting professional or college sports, flash photography is typically strictly prohibited. Flash can distract the players and cause coaches to go crazy.
  8. The motto of the professional sport photographers in Zurich is:  “Shoot a lot, get critiqued a lot, correct your mistakes, and shoot some more”. Challenge yourself; look at images of photographers you admire, and go to a game with the mindset of trying to emulate something you like about their style. Find new ways to tell stories, and accept that you will probably fail a lot along the way.
  9. The sport photographers in Zurich keep the action tight, crop even tighter later. They lose extraneous and distracting elements; draw the viewer into the action.
  10. The sport photographers in Zurich advice not to stop shooting once the catch is made, and don't ever assume that a whistle means the play is over.

Children’s Photographer in Zurich

The most of professional photographers in Zurich believe that the ideal age for making baby sessions is 6-8 months. At this special age children are looking so happy and attractively smiling! Is the great juncture for adorable professional photographs in Zurich, when your child is sitting up. They no longer need to be propped up for the camera and are quite curious and alert.

What’s about newborns, it’s very important to identify their happy times in a usual daily routine. In fact, photographers in Zurich recommend making lovely pictures during the bath time or feeding. In this time kids are looking settled and content. Also there are is a great number of the “first” times: for example, first time with Dad or Mom, first feeding, first manicure of first meeting with grandparents. It’s not only the documentary style photo session, but is the portrait style too. Many photographers in Zurich prefer to use black&white format for the newborns children. The main reason to do this is making the babies looking so soft on the pictures!

Newborn phase passes so quickly, and is often preoccupied with many adjustments and distractions that make it nearly impossible to capture this time well on your own. The ideal time to have your newborn photographed is within this first two weeks of life, when they are at their sleepiest and most cooperative and can be curled into beautiful poses. Your child will never be so small and pliable again. It’s wonderful to have this time captured forever.

One year age is the perfect time to capture new walkers. It can be a challenge, as toddlers are often looking down at their feet and scooting away from the camera. However, this phase of new discovery offers a great opportunity for serendipitous shots of your child in action.

In opinion of the photographers in Zurich, at the age of 3-4 years old, the child is now full of personality and sometimes there’s a new baby in the family, too. It’s a great time to get both children photographed together.

Going to the professional children’s photographer in Zurich, don’t forget to take with you the favorite toy, as it’ll be very useful in making sincere happy smile. Also it’s necessary to have a little snack and drink. By the way, the different hats, glasses and ties can help to add the character to a children’s portrait.

The opportunities for creativity in pictures of the photographers in Zurich are always endless!

Street/Portrait Photographer in Zurich

Street Photography – What It Is?

Street photography is a genre of photography showing photos taken in a public place. It throws light on people's life and experience within the bounders of the city. Street photography is a dynamic photo in the urban environment: on the street, in a park, on the beach, etc. Street photography is also connected with architectural photography.

The main idea of street photography still remains the same - to outline the soul of a city. The photographer tries to show the connection between the people and the city they live in. Besides, street photos are often night photos because only a night city can be really open, mystic and cosy to its visitors and inhabitants.

What can be better than the charming photos of you in the background of the city which is famous for its magnificent architecture? Street photos of you in Zurich will bring something special to your everyday life.

Portrait – A Mirror

Portrait is trying to show personalities of people. If to combine street photography and portrait we will get a sub-genre called street portrait which is focused on the presentation of people in urban surroundings.

Imagine yourself in the ancient centre of Zurich where old tradition has been kept through centuries. It's the best place of taking photos of you and your family or friends. Street photography can document your life while you are doing your everyday routine. You don’t have to be prepared for a photo; it will be taken in the time when you are not ready. It's important for the best 'shoots' as street photographers say.

Street/Portrait photographer in Zurich can help you to make fabulous photos in which you will look totally natural and beautiful. Don’t hesitate to make yourself happy! Enjoy photos in the background of Zurich!

Business Photographer in Switzerland

Business photography concentrates on people's needs. Corporate portraits, events, and documentaries are a vital part of working life.

Nowadays, companies without high-quality business photos are falling behind as advertising plays a significant role on the market. Only professional business photos can attract the attention of clients by adding instant personality to materials the company is dealing with. Due to business photography, it is possible to bring your image and brand into focus.

Business photographer in Switzerland can make your work easier by taking corporate portraits of different events and help you in achieving your communication, marketing and advertising goals.

Where Can We Use Business Photos

Business photography creates an image of the company; it helps a brand to be recognized and popular. There are some examples of effective business photography usage:

Advertising and Marketing

Professional business photos always reflect the uniqueness of the company that is essential for attracting clients.

Corporate Websites and Business Cards (or Even More)

A website of any company is a special place where a client might meet the company for the first time and to obtain his/her first impression. Make lasting impressions by using high-quality business photos for your company.

Relations with Investors

Annual reports, presentations, investors dossiers should contain business photos to strengthen relationships with investors.

Social Networking

You can use networking sites to stay in contact with your clients. Professional business photos help to make your company recognizable and trendy.

Employee Recognition

Personalize each and every of employees by recognizing their business photos! It will build up their respect and trust to you.

How to Look Great in Photos

How to look great in photos? Most people are asking themselves this question every time they are going to have their photo taken. Today we have an answer: 9 secrets to look charming in photos.

1. A natural smile is the best kind of smile. Be positive! Ask somebody to tell you a joke in order to make your face look natural and happy!

2. Most models advise crossing your legs while you are having your photo taken. It will make you look thinner.

3. To avoid a double chin, move your chin a little forward and down. You will surely look great even if you might feel strange.

4. Use the magical power of your eyes! Every person is unique and eyes are the mirror of the soul. Don't forget about that. Strengthen the impact of your eyes by making them more open and expressive. Remember that the lights should hit them and your eyes will twinkle!

5. In a group shot, you have to make sure that everybody of the group is standing on the same distance from the camera. Remember that if one of you is closer to the lens, he/she will look bigger than the others. It might spoil your photo.

6. Eyebrows reveal emotions and a type of the character. You might use a darker pencil to emphasise your eyebrows since face colours tend to look lighter in photographs.

7. Define your better side! Look at the mirror, then take a few selfies of each side and compare pictures to see which side you like most. It will give confidence to you when you have a new photo shoot.

8. A white wall as a backdrop will brighten your face. Besides, white backdrop helps a camera to find the appropriate colour balance which will make your skin look natural and fresh.

9. Many people think that they are unphotogenic. They have few pictures and taking a photo is absolutely one of the hardest events for them. But to think so means to accept a widespread mistake as a truth. Do you know how many shots are taken to have only one good photo of a model? Try to be in so many pictures as only you can.  Remember that photographer can make 100 shots and only one of them will be worth hanging on a wall.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

Switzerland isn't a big country but it has much to offer. It is safer than other places in Europe as its crime rate is practically zero. It has one of the best transport systems in the world. Alpine resorts and magnificent mountains scenery attract visitors from every corner of the planet. In the article, we collected top reasons to visit this unique country. Let's consider them closer.

1. Switzerland is incredibly clean!

You may not be afraid of using public restrooms in Switzerland. They are incredibly clean in the train stations as well as in your hotel room. And we are talking not just about the public restrooms, but about the country's public transit, streets, and fountains in general. Imagine, you might drink from most of the fountains in the street!

2. Switzerland's public transportation system

Switzerland's public transportation system will make your traveling comfortable and easy. There is no need to rent a car. The Swiss trains will show you all the beautiful places with just one ticket that suits for different kinds of transportation.

3. The mother of the Swiss Alps

If you like skiing or hiking Swiss Alps is an ideal area for your holidays. But if you don't like sports, just looking at Swiss mountains may change your life forever. The Matterhorn is considered to be a heart of the Swiss Alps. It is the most photographed mountain in the world.

4. Fairy-tale castles

There are breath-taking castles throughout the territory of Switzerland. If you want to transport yourself to the ancient times of warriors and princesses, Switzerland is waiting for you!

5. Wonderful waterfalls

Great waterfalls of Switzerland will impress you by their size and sound. The Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen, for example, is the biggest plain waterfall in Europe. The waters of the Staubbach Falls are turning into a spray of mist in summer. And many other incredible places are waiting for you!

Don't forget to take a photographer on your journey! Photos will bring your memories back to you even through the pass of time.

Insider information on family activities in Zurich, Switzerland // Destination Family photographer in Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is such a nice place for unforgettable family vacations. The country can be considered to be a giant playground with museums, parks, water-based attractions, themed trails educating in a playful way, toboggan runs and hanging bridges for outdoor thrills. It is a perfect place to spend your family holiday. 

Travelling is the time of joy. Everybody wants to have magnificent photos of the journeys in order to remember the time of delight forever, that's why consider investing in a family photo session with a professional family photographer. Family photographer in Zurich will catch the most significant moments of your holiday. Happy smiles, spontaneous actions, stunning places, and loving eyes - all of these moments will be captured by the professional photographer. All you will need to do - is just to remain yourself and to spend the best days of your life at ease. As I am always saying, the best way to take pictures is spontaneously but in a prepared reality. When your children are happy and enjoy themselves a lot, the backdrop is stunning, then everything is ideal for the successful photo shoot.


Here are my favourite places to spend time with children and take awesome pictures:


Zurich Lake is great for swimming, there are a lot of beautiful and nicely equipped public swimming areas, called Badis. If you travel with children, you must visit Strandbad Mythenquai. It's forbidden to take pictures in public swimming recreation zones, but if we just step aside to for a mini photo session, we will enjoy the best natural background!

Another favourite activity of mine and my children's is renting a "pedalo" (water bike), what could be better than a little adventure and a swim in a refreshing water!

Take a boat trip of the Lake of Zurich or rent a bike (Zurich offers free bikes to rent by the way) to explore the city.


Autumn in Zurich is usually a mild season with beautiful light and colours of the trees. It's a wonderful time to go to the mountains. If you don't have much time, just visit Jucker Farm in Jona to see pumpkins of all possible sizes and colours, or hike to Uetliberg.



Exploring Zurich during Christmas time is an unforgettable experience! I would recommend to start the morning with a merry-go-round at Christmas Village in Sechseläutenplatz near the Opera House, while there are not so many people (this place is so great for the family photo session as well!), and finish the day enjoying Christmas atmosphere of Conelli Circus at Bürkliplatz.

What else you need to do:

  • Take a ride on Märlitram or Honold Chocolate Tram 
  • Visit Lindt chocolate factory (it's advisable to buy the tickets beforehand)
  • Go to the Zurich Opera
  • Go ice-skating 
  • Watch the lighting of the Lucy lights on the Bahnhofstrasse
  • Eat lots of fondue and drink hot chocolate!


Zurich is incredibly beautiful in Spring. The cherry trees are blossoming, then come magnolias... The one-of-a-kind to see in Switzerland is to go to Kids' parade during Sechseläuten, a traditional Spring holiday in Zürich. You will see lots of cutest costumes and beautiful flowers. Take a boat trip, visit China Garden and Rietberg Museum, buy the tickets to Zirkus Knie at Sechseläutenplatz.


Visit Lindt chocolate factory to make your own chocolate Easter bunnies (it's advisable to buy the tickets beforehand)

All-year-around activities

Explore local museums and art galleries - Kunsthaus, Landesmuseum, Rietberg Museum (the parks around the last two ones are great for taking pictures!), FIFA museum, Zurich Zoo (don't forget to visit Masoala, the Zurich Jungle in the Zoo), go to Rapperswil and visit Knie Zoo.

Social media to inspire

You want your wedding day to be perfect: an exciting, romantic, beautiful event that you and your guests will remember for years to come. Your wedding is your day to shine, and you wouldn't want to look anything less than sensational. Which dress to choose, flowers, shoes, what kind of make up and hair style... Finding answers to these questions can be exciting but daunting at the same time. There are tons of fashion magazines, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. You will enjoy the fun of looking through the latest magazines, watching fashion channels, searching wedding and fashion blogs. You can be inspired by old Hollywood movies or celebrity weddings.

Here, I made a selection of my favourite social media things, some of which might be new and interesting for you.


I'll start with Instagram accounts (every name is clickable)

Instagram of my favourite blog

The Lane


My favourite photographers (they work with the best existing wedding stylists, designers and planners, and therefore great for finding inspiration not only because of their exceptional photography skills! I also want to attract your attention that both of them are film photographers)

Jose Villa

Elizabeth Messina


Two Spanish Instagram accounts that I discovered recently (I wish that all the guests that will be attending your wedding took their outfits inspiration here, totally "picture perfect" dress-code!)




Wedding designer

Joy Proctor


and the classics of wedding blogs

Style Me Pretty


Wedding style inspiration blogs 



(they are both great, Oncewed is more about natural, quiet and organic beauty, The Lane is more edgy, raw and wilder elegance)






Huge collection of everything wedding  - wedding dresses, rings, food & drinks, veils & hairpieces, bridal jewelry, bouquets &  boutonnieres



Your destination photographer in Switzerland

Switzerland may seem to be a small country, but its wonderful mountains and lakes, fabulous old castles, great Alpine courses, rattling waterfalls, well-preserved medieval towns, and the highest quality hotel complexes attract visitors from all over the world, millions of people travel to Switzerland to enjoy its beauty and attractions. 

Some people collect souvenirs while they are travelling, but still, most of us or even each and every one of us prefers to collect photos of the places where we have been. Photos are like the freezing memories which enable us to take a time machine and come back to some magnificent places we will never forget.

Thus and so, how to make amazing photos when you travel around Switzerland? How to preserve your memorable moments for the whole life?

Choose a Photographer

Nowadays most people have cameras or phones with cameras. Taking a photo seems to be an easy thing. But it is absolutely not true. Catching the light, emotions and gestures in that one important moment is a difficult task which requires the help of a professional. The proficient photographer in Switzerland will help you to save your memories with no additional efforts from your side. Just choose a place you want to remember and call a photographer who will do all creative work for you.

Choose a Place

Since Switzerland has one of the best public transportation systems in the world, you can travel freely in the country and see as many places as you desire. The country is full of nature and architecture treasures. Just in Zurich alone, you can find numerous art galleries and museums, eye-catching architecture that combines both the old and new styles. If you prefer something more active than just enjoying the beauty of the city, you can swim in the clean waters of Lake Zurich or hike through nearby Uetliberg Mountain. There are also many other beautiful places such as Minster of Our Lady church, Old Town, Great Minster church, Bahnhofstrasse (if you want to go shopping) and the Zoo Zurich with rare animals.

Anniversary and pre-wedding portraits in Switzerland

Anniversary photo shootings and pre-wedding photo sessions in Switzerland are getting more and more popular. Couples from Asia, USA, Australia come to Switzerland attracted by its stunning scenery. There are so many wonderful places, where your photo shoot can happen - Lucerne area, Interlaken, Thun, Grindelwald, the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Engadin to mention just a few. As your destination Switzerland based photographer, I will help you to plan your visit, will give recommendations regarding hotels, hair and make up artist, will arrange flowers and lovely details that will make our pre wedding or anniversary pictures more special and will even drive you, if several locations are planned for the photo shoot.

Photographer in Zurich

Photographer in Zurich will solve your problems and save your time by taking photos of you and your family while you are having fun. Don't hesitate to tell what you really want, what kind of photos you would like to get, and what you expect to see as the final result. Your photographer in Zurich and the whole Switzerland is the perfect insider information source, who will help you to plan and implement unforgettable experience (plus you will get tangible memories once you are back home).

You will be pleasantly surprised to see that all your wishes will be totally fulfilled.


Lifestyle photography, theoretical point of view :)

What do you feel when looking through beautiful pictures taken by professional photographers? Some of them are attractive from a technical point of view, while others engage due to an interesting idea or unusual story. But there are pictures driven by emotions - joy, love, romance, admiration, sadness, tenderness or whatever. There may be no "wow effect" of landscape photography, but looking at those pictures you really feel your emotions are involved. If you are looking for a photographer in Switzerland, who is able to tell your story in a natural and spontaneous, yet stylish manner, think of hiring of a lifestyle photographer.

Lifestyle photography is a stunning mix of the best qualities of event and portrait photography. As a lifestyle photographer in Zurich, you need to be ready for "catching the moment", while on the other hand, you should have an experience in working with lighting and composition. As the result, you have to create emotional pictures telling stories about individuality and uniqueness of human relations. This involves taking pictures of people making usual things in usual environment and behaving in a matter-of-course way. During photo shoots, a lifestyle photographer in Switzerland catches those important little details, habits, moments and emotions that our everyday life consists of.

Lifestyle photography is getting more and more popular all around the world, since it shows real people and conveys their true emotions as opposed to staged photography. The important idea of such portraits is that people can look real and sincere, and at the same time - beautiful in their naturalness. People do not pose, but live in shot, and while their memories of events become less detailed in course of time, emotions associated with these events are sealed in lifestyle photos forever.

Lifestyle photographer will find a beautiful story for a photo shoot in every day routine, like family having breakfast on a Sunday morning at home or some cute Zurich brunch place or a walk in a park near the house or playing with kids and pets right in the living room. The lifestyle photographer expertise is to feel relationships highly charged with emotions and to find a balance between true life and stage elements. This is quite a difficult task, but if handled correctly, the result is rewarding – unique, emotional and beautiful pictures telling real stories.

Working as a wedding and family portrait photographer, gives you an opportunity to travel a lot both around Switzerland and the world, visiting large cities and paradise islands, crowded places and out-of-the-way areas. When travelling, you find beautiful locations, learn authentic traditions, meet quaint characters, watch real-life situations – and this experience fills you with emotions and serves as a plentiful source of inspiration.  Lifestyle photography is blending portraits of people and events, urban landscape and wild life, then spicing this with fashion and colours, intimate details and emotions and finally getting a fascinating gallery of unique images that tell inspiring stories about our life. If you are in a search for a destination film photographer in Switzerland, who is able to tell your story in a natural and spontaneous, yet stylish manner, then I will be glad to help you through my experience and ideas.

Strong Points of a lifestyle photographer

·       is really passionate about travel photography, love stories, family portraits, and has plenty of creative ideas to share with you.

·       gets along well with adults and kids and that’s why your photo shoot is sure to be casual, relaxed and fun.  

·       knows the balance between directing and allowing things to go in the natural way – and this is how lifestyle photos are created.

Lifestyle photographer in Zurich

Some thoughts on photography services available in Switzerland

You may spent months preparing for your wedding, but the day itself will pass in a heartbeat. You will be able to re-live the joy and romance of it by looking through your wedding album. So don't take chances with your wedding photographer. You need a professional, whose work you admire, who understands your vision and whose style reflects your own. 

·       Expertise & style

 You may be searching for a wedding photographer for your wedding that will take place in Switzerland or a professional in destination weddings that will come to the place of your choice, or if you are looking for a family in-home session or for a studio staged photo shoot – in any case, I would recommend to choose a photographer, who is experienced in the area and, what is even more important, whose style resonates with your personality. Photographer’s portfolio speaks better than all the words about the style and expertise, so spend some significant time looking through the pictures. Photographers are creative people and happy to experiment, but even trying something new we will stay true to our personal taste and style. 

·       Packages & hidden costs

Most photographers offer a selection of packages. Packages may vary in coverage, number of photos edited, number of images printed, quality of printed pictures and photo albums, etc. So, before making a decision, be sure to find out what is included in a package and which services are available at extra cost. Check for hidden costs, you may be surprised, but sometimes family and portrait photo packages don’t include digital images, the price of a photo session covers just time and talent of the photographer, while products, either digital files or prints, are purchased separately. It's important that right from the beginning you are absolutely clear on how you are being charged, ask your prospective photographer what their policy is. All my collections include full-resolution digital images with a release for personal use (sharing, printing and posting on social media). If you need the pictures for commercial use, please contact me first. Photographers often use password-protected online galleries that are very convenient for displaying  pictures from the wedding celebration/photo shoot. I would also recommend to check, if you or your guests will have to pay additionally to be able to download the pictures and how much. The nice thing about the online galleries is that you as a wedding couple or family on the portraits can regulate who may have the access to the pictures as well as which exactly pictures you want to have accessible.  

·       Duration of a photo session & coverage

The duration of time when the pictures are taken is certainly a very important factor. Don’t fall for longer coverage all other things being equal, except price, while choosing a family photographer – you don’t need 3 hours of a family photo shoot, since your children will be not willing to cooperate after certain time. At the same time, don't expect a variety of pictures, if you book a one hour photo shoot at one location. As my experience shows, 2 hours is the ideal time, we will be able to change the outfits as well as locations. Regarding wedding photography, you do need at least 6-hour coverage for a wedding session and even more, if you want to have the memories of the different stages of the day. We are all different, think what will have more value for you - portraits of you while getting ready, pictures of your dress, shoes, rings and flower bouquet or rather shots from the dancing floor? Formal portraits of the guests are regarded to be essential part of the wedding photo coverage, but are these pictures really so necessary? Why not to limit the formal group pictures to maximum 1-2 and better assign one hour to couple portraits? If you plan your photographer to be present at the Apero, ask her (or ok, him :) to make portraits of the guests (couples, separate small groups of friends), this will be a nicer memory from the artistic point of view! :)

You can’t get what you want until you know exactly what you are searching for, right? :) So be specific. Also, be prepared to ask right questions for getting comprehensive answers that will help you choose the best photographer for your needs.

Family Photo Shoot in Switzerland: How to Get Prepared?

What do you feel when looking through family photo albums? A blend of sweet nostalgia, gentle sadness and warmth of memories... Family photos seal the most important moments, significant events and small life pleasures in our memory. That’s why family photography is one of the most vibrant types of sessions though featuring some peculiarities. When being with close people, we experience the most sincere and warm emotions, which can turn the pictures to real magic – and a professional family photographer in Switzerland just has to create an appropriate atmosphere, add some entourage and capture right moments.

But how to achieve this in the real world? Any family photographer in Zurich will tell you that a successful photo shoot is a result of photographer and models’ joint work. The process begins long before a photo shoot, when you discuss and search for places, ideas, clothes and other details. But when the big day comes, try to follow these simple recommendations:

Have a good sleep, relax and eat well. These are the key factors for matching with "a sound mind in a sound body" rule, which is especially true for families with small children. Even if you plan to arrange a kind of picnic in the process of shooting, have a snack prior to the photo session.

If your family photographer in Zurich offers to choose morning or evening time for your photo session, consider his opinion - natural light is the most favorable during these hours for shooting outdoor. Besides, your younger kids will be full of energy after a night sleep or nap.

Manage your time. Often, mothers are so engaged in getting the whole family ready for a session, that they have no time left for their own hairstyle and makeup. Don’t try to put this away for later, as at the last moment some emergencies may happen preventing mother from brushing up. Make sure that you have enough time for yourself, since mother is usually the glue of the family.

Take some time to cheer up a daddy. As an experienced family photographer in Switzerland, I learnt that in most cases the initiative of arranging a family photo shoot belongs to a wife and mother, while men tend to take such ideas with suspicion. Do try to convince your spouse and father that for a successful family photo shoot you need more that just his presence, but his love, support and an ingenuous smile :)